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Chimney Relining

We highly recommend replacing your original terra cotta lining with a more durable material. Replacing your lining is a great way to prevent smoke from escaping, carbon monoxide leaks, and condensation build up. To prevent damages such as these, we use the following materials.
  • Clay
  • Metal
  • Concrete
  • Installations
Chimney repair — Chimney repair in Philadelphia, PA
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No Rain Cap
Rain can damage metal fireboxes and dampsers. It can also erode mortar joints, causing the chimney to weaken. For rain protection, a top-quality chimney cap is the solution. A stainless steel model gives lifetime protection from moisture damage.
Missing Bird and Animal Guard
Squirrels, raccoons, and birds are the most frequent chimney invaders. Nesting debris in the chimney is a serious fire hazard and can cause smoke or dangerous carbon monoxide vapors to back up into your home.
Animals entering the home through the chimney can do extensive damage to your furniture, drapes, and carpet while trying to find an escape. The mere presence of such pests brings exposure to disease. A strong, professional-model chimney cap eliminates the dangers which birds and animals present, and it also prevents leaves and debris from entering the chimney.
Lack of Proper Spark ArrestorA chimney without a proper spark arrestor may allow airborne embers to ignite shingles, leaves, trees, or grass. Every chimney needs a chimney cap with a spark arrestor for maximum safety.
Loose of Missing Bricks and General Chimney Deterioration
Loose bricks and chimney deterioration can be symptomatic of a major problem. In many cases, minor repairs made early on will save huge repair bills later.
Does It Need Cleaning?
National Fire Protection Code 211 requires an annual safety inspection of all chimney systems Here's why:
In a woodburning system, incomplete combustion results in unburned residue which rises in the chimney as part of the smoke. This residue is deposited on the inside of the chimney walls, presenting a major fire hazard to the home.
Chimney Information — Chimney repair in Philadelphia, PA
Gas and oils flues should also be checked on an annual basis for any soot deposits or debris blockage which could lead to dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning. A chimney professional can clean the inside of our chimney to eliminate these dangers.

Does It Need Waterproofing?
Waterproofing is the best preventive maintenance you can give the exterior of your chimney against premature aging and expensive repairs.