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Chimney Sweep near Jenkintown, PA

At A & A Chimney Sweep, we treat your home as if it were own. Whether cleaning your chimney or rebuilding a fireplace, our technicians take extra care not to damage your property or get in the way of your daily routine. For fast, affordable, and extraordinarily convenient chimney cleaning, call A & A Chimney Sweep today.

A chimney sweep from top to bottom

While providing prompt and professional chimney sweeping, we will advise you and your family on basic chimney maintenance to receive lasting results. We thoroughly inspect your chimney before cleaning and provide you with a report afterwards to ensure that all proper codes and standards are met. After cleaning the chimney, we start on the fireplaces, removing all creosote buildup and inspecting for flue functionality and draft issues. We also preform the following:
  • Smoke chamber cleaning
  • Soot buildup removal
  • Hearth cleaning
  • Ash door cleaning
  • Inspections
Chimney Cleaner — Sweeping Service in Philadelphia, PA

Full-Service Chimney Cleaning

A & A Chimney Sweep cleans all types of chimneys, including gas and water heater chimneys. Our experts inspect your chimney for blockages and remove all soot buildup. Discounts on chimney sweeping are available. Call for details.

If you are selling your home, A & A Chimney Sweep right away. We provide extensive chimney certification that even covers fireplace. Heater chimney certification is also available.

How long has it been since your chimney's last cleaning? Call us at 215-745-5023